Frequently asked questions about "Tallinn Escorts"

1. How can I contact you?

You can contact site administration at

2. What are your website about?

Our website is a place where independent escorts located in Tallinn / Estonia can advertise their services for free.

3. How much will it cost for me as escort / client to use your website?

This website is totally free to use for both escorts and clients so it wont cost you anything.

4. If it is free, what's the catch, no one give something for free.

We give it for free because we do this for fun and the costs are relatively small for us, All work with website etc we do by ourselves so the biggest cost for us is our time so there is no catch for you or the escorts.

5. I am an escort who want to advertise with you how should i do?

Just send us an E-mail with your pictures and the text you want us to publish, We require pictures for all advertisements and dont accept any fake information at all. You must also be prepared to meet with one of us in administration just to check so the information you have provided us with is real, This meeting take 5 minutes and you decide where and when to meet. If you refuse to meet and confirm your submitted information we take your advertisement away.

6. Do you list escort agencies?

No we dont list escort agencies on this website only independent escorts and if a girl here is known to work for an agency we take her advertisement away immediately.

7. Some escorts here have the same phonenumber is not that an agency?

We have checked this and it is quite common that some girls share a number so it is always someone who can answer the phone. You will anyway be able to meet with the girl you ask for when you call these numbers and if the girl you ask for is not availbale you will be notified about that and they maybe offer you to meet another girl that is listed here if you want. The escorts that advertise with us and have shared numbers know that they are not allowed to send you a random girl without your approval if the girl you ask for is not available.

8. Privacy policy

Your privacy and trust are very important to us and we want you to feel safe and relaxed when you use our services. We respect your personal integrity and dont collect any information about you or give it to any third parties. We want you to feel that you are 100% anonymous.

9. Why do you have this website?

We have seen a lot of fake advertisements and dissapointed clients over the years and now we wanted to start a website with advertisements that the clients feel they really can trust in. We have seen most advertisements on the internet for estonian girls and a rough estimate from our side is that 80% of them have fake pictures, In most cases its an "agency" who put them on internet so the girl in the advertisement dont exist in reality.

10. What is the goal with this website?

Our goal is that what you see in the advertisement is what you should get and that is why we have so strict rules for the escorts who advertise here. We also want to show that it works to use real information when advertising on the internet so when you call an escort that advertise here you can say that you saw her advertisement on the website "Tallinn-Escorts"

11. What do you think about the future for this website?

We have really no idea yet but we hope we can continue like this and build up a good confidence between you as a visitor and us at "Tallinn -Escorts" We also hope that more escorts want to advertise with us and understand that a real advertisement with true information will work good for them.

12. We really like to get feedback

We really like to get feedback on our advertisement service so dont hesitate to send us positive or negative feedback. We see negative feedback as important because it is a way to help us improve our service to you and make things better but we ofcourse like positive feedback also so we can see that our hard work give results and that you as a visitor appreciate what we do.

We hope you are satisfied with the content we provide you with!

/The administration team at "Tallinn-Escorts"


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