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We wish you all Welcome to us here in Tallinn and now we have a great sunny warm weather, We hope you will enjoy your time with some girl that advertise with us and that itwill be a time to remember with a smile.


We wish Viktoria welcome to us and we have as usual met her and seen that the pictures are really of her, She is available for a double date together with Alina. We get questions in email about how to book meetings with the girls and thats easy, Just call their number.


The webmaster of "Tallinn Escorts" have now personally met Alina, Viktoria and Olga and verified that the pictures are real. We will also meet with all new escorts that want to advertise and confirm their advertisement information before we put it on the website so you dont get any "surprise" during a meeting.


We have added a new forum to this website where you can ask questions about Tallinn and the escorts and also share your knowledge from your visit in Tallinn by writing a review there.


Welcome to "Tallinn Escorts"

Dear visitor,

Our goal with this website is to provide you with quality advertisements for independent escort girls in Tallinn / Estonia and we will do our best to make sure that the information you will find here is so correct as possible so you will enjoy your visit in the beautiful city Tallinn.


What is The website "Tallinn Escorts" about?

The website "Tallinn Escorts" is a website where independent escorts located in Tallinn / Estonia can place advertisements for free and reach clients all around the world. If you are an independent escort in Estonia and want to have a free advertisement on this website you just send an E-mail to the webmaster with the information that you want us to publish...

Our vision is to be the # 1 escort website for Estonia.

"Bad escort advertisements causes unhappy customers, and unhappy customers lead to bad reputations. Good businesses are never built on bad reputations so we work hard to provide you with quality escort information and to improve our reputation as far as possible"

/Webmaster and owner, Maria

How do i contact "Tallinn Escorts"?

If you have any questions regarding the website or find any improper material for example pictures that are published here without permission from the owner so just send an E-mail to the webmaster and we take care of it as soon as possible. We also want to know if you find something in the escort advertisements that are not true so we can change it or remove it, We are very careful with the information we publish in the escort advertisements and dont accept any false pictures or text information.

You can contact the webmaster "Maria" at

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